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FRED Leadership is proud of the support received from a prestigious mix of sponsors across a wide range of organizations, such as as GE, McDonald's, MIT, Unilever, Time Warner, Ericsson, the University of Michigan, Coca-Cola, Fidelity Investments, and IMD - among others.

What draws sponsors to FRED Leadership?

We often hear many reasons why sponsors love FRED Leadership - the top three are:

>  Mission:  Leadership matters, more so than ever!
FRED Leadership Sponsors are premier organizations that share a passion for our mission: To inspire the development of principles, transformative leaders who make the world a better place. Sponsors believe they derive significant value in being associated with other prestigious organizations that are supporting the compelling need to elevate leadership in the world.  Sponsors also take pride knowing that their contributions make it possible for exceptional leaders from nonprofit/NGO organizations to attend the annual FRED Leadership Forum at a significantly reduced registration fee, who otherwise could not participate.

>  Audience:  Fred features a high-caliber executive-level audience
While Sponsors support a wide variety of FRED Leadereship activities throughout the year, they are especially drawn to the unique opportunity to directly meet with the talented, experienced, and diverse range of attendees from all sectors at the annual FRED Leadership Forum.  FRED participants come fresh from the front lines - they include senior executives with a passion for leadership and leadership development, including top human resource executives, executive/leadership/talent development experts and leading thinkers in the fields of business, leadership, learning, and organization effectiveness.  Every session typically includes fresh thinking and perspectives of next generation leaders who have distinguished themselves early in their careers.

>  Organizations:  The chance to be in good company
The breadth and depth of the organizations drawn to FRED is perhaps the strongest indicator of the passion people feel for new directions and ideas for developing great leaders.  FRED Leadership Forum attendees have typically come from across the map - from organizations such as IBM, Ericsson, MIT, Cisco, CARE, Intel, McDonald's, Volkswagen, GE, London Business School, Coca-Cola, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Unilever, The Aspen Institute, and Royal Bank of Scotland - to name only a few!

Find out more about sponsoring FRED
If you are interested in being a FRED sponsor, we invite you to review the sponsorship information document in the download section at the top of this page.  For more information and to explore becoming a FRED sponsor, please contact us.

Sponsor Testimonials:

"I am honored to be a part of FRED’s mission to elevate the quality of leadership in the world. My involvement has been inspiring and energizing. Given the complex challenges business faces, leadership excellence is even more important than ever. I feel strongly that it is the responsibility of a global corporation like McDonald’s, to make a contribution to shaping the future of leadership and leadership development."
David Small, VP, Leadership Institute & Global Talent Management, McDonald's

"The value of FRED Forum sponsorship is access to a very talented and experienced group of organizers, true, battle-hardened experts in the field of leadership and executive development. The participants are a unique blend of thought leaders, academics, and senior practitioners in some of the world's most prestigious companies.  At the annual Forum itself you are guaranteed to walk away with at least one very big actionable idea."
Sandy Ogg, Operating Partner, The Blackstone Group. Former Chief Human Resources Officer, Unilever

"One look at the incredible group of leaders who are spending several days together and you know the FRED Forum is something very, very special. The diverse mix of participants and the innovative set of activities lead to breakthrough ideas that elevate the quality of leadership in all our organizations. Michigan's Ross School of Business is not only proud to sponsor FRED, but also grateful to participate in the annual Forum."
Melanie Weaver Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

"FRED is fast becoming the most inspiring and informative community dedicated to extraordinary leadership in organizations that care about and contribute to the betterment of a changing world. Its members are open and curious and recognize that, together, they can really make a difference in how both profits and nonprofits galvanize their people to succeed with challenges that matter in ways that work."
Stephen Newman, former Program Director, Executive Development, Ericsson 

"FRED is a great opportunity to sponsor a unique focus on organization, leadership, and learning – spawning relationships and dialog that have immediate impact on how we are growing our own organizations and leaders. As a sponsor, we are showing our customers that we are committed to being not only leaders in our industry, but also among the most innovative companies in any industry. Our sponsorship brings great value for our business, and for the extended community of thought leaders we are helping to create ."
George T. Brennan, VP, Chief Learning Officer, Intel

"The FRED Forum was without doubt the best educational event I have ever attended. The agenda was an inspirational mix of speakers and topics that was both innovative and intellectually challenging. The audience was an exceptional mix of people from all areas of life; academia; business; charity; government; and education, who made the discussions fascinating."
Mark Malcomson, Principal and Chief Executive, City Lit, and former Director Executive Education, London Business School 

"The Fred Forum is an ecosystem of practitioners committed to leveraging the power of this unique community to make a leadership difference in the organizations and communities in which they serve. It is a fantastic venue to evolve models, approaches and perspectives with incredibly smart people."
Annmarie Neal, former VP, Center for Collaborative Leadership, Cisco Systems 

"The gathering of such a diverse and high caliber group of people from many distinguished companies to share and explore the future needs of leadership development is unique. As sponsor we are proud that we can help sustain the continued knowledge sharing and building of such an important area for corporations who want to succeed in the future."
Jonas Akerman, President & CEO, BTS USA 


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